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The Algorithmics franchise combines remarkable financial opportunity with the power to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children in your community. Partners trust us, children love our classes, and public schools use our curriculum.

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Get 5 months free of royalties opening the school before August 1, 2024.

Exclusive Offer!

You won’t need to pay any monthly royalties for the first 5 months from the contract signing date. You’ll keep 100% of the profits during the early months of your business.
To qualify for this offer, you need to:
Pass our management company's selection process and secure approval for franchise opening
Enter into the franchise agreement before June 15, 2024
Launch your school by August 1, 2024
By eliminating royalty fees for the first 5 months, you can accelerate your earnings and quickly cover your initial investment.

Start a business with experts in modern education

Over 1,100,000 graduates that loved our courses
Our own education platform to teach coding
Trusted by hundreds of parents and education experts worldwide
Offline programming courses for children from 6 to 18 years old
Governments choose our curriculum to implement in public schools

How do our classes work?

Depends on the course
Age: 6-18 years old
Course duration: 1−2 years
Class duration: 40 min to 1,5 hours
Class capacity: 10-12 students
Schedule: weekend and weekdays

Your estimated initial investment and revenue

See the approximate calculation of investments for the first 2 years. Your investment pays off within 11 months

From $8,500

From 12%

From $40,160

From $118,343

Initial Franchise Fee
Royalty from revenue
Net gain in 12th month
Your net gain in 24th month

What do you get with an Algorithmics franchise?

Expertise in franchising: excellence in training, and support
Individual account support for each franchisee
Low-cost entry to set up a school
Enrollment is open year-round so that you can start anytime.
Teacher and sales training

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Discover the Algorithmics Experience

Watch our insightful webinar where Essam, our partner in Morocco, shares his firsthand experience of successfully opening an Algorithmics school

Is an Algorithmics franchise the right choice for you?

you want to open your own business
you have or want to have an educational project for children
you believe in technology
you want to change the future for the children in your country

Over 515 partners across the globe trust us


Our highest success was when only after 3 months with Algorithmics we had to relocate our school because of the higher number of students wanting to attend our classes. And we were very happy that our space suddenly wasn’t ehougn. Of course, at the very beginnig as we went ahead all kinds of situations came up. Like teachers wanted to leave or students had to quit. But we had major support from the Algorithmics team, methodology, sales experts, business developers who helped us through every step.


I started launching Algorithmics Shkoder on January 2022, and the first groups started lessons at the end of March 2022. Since the end of March, we have welcomed in Algorithmics Shkoder Platform 138 kids, and we just started July with 50 active kids which are following different courses.
A very good KPI to start July, taking in consideration that we are during the summer and holiday peak. Opening Algorithmics School has been definitively a new experience, a new mentality in doing and building business.


Although I’ve never met the business mentor in person and we’ve been working remotely, I constantly felt the care and attention — this is the first thing. The second one is the professional approach to business. There was always a feeling that there is knowledge behind my back and if something happens, we will find a solution with my business mentor.
The LMS system itself is 8 out of 10 in my opinion. There is room for improvement, but overall ok. The course is liked by children and parents, it is very good and I am very happy about it!


We began introducing Algorithmics to Israeli children last year, and the results have fully met our expectations. The children are interested in learning and are very pleased with the results. When a nine-year-old child proudly shows their parents the game they created after a couple of months of classes, this inspires not only the child but also their parents and the teacher. Gamification and the well-designed methodology contribute to the rapid assimilation of the material and make the learning process exciting and easy. Feeling like you are a part of this project is outstanding!


I have very positive feedback so far working with the Algorithmics company, methodology, and team. Despite the distance, I feel that there is a clear commitment from Algorithmics HQ to help and support franchisees in developing their local businesses. In the end, Algorithmics' success lies in how each franchisee takes off and becomes profitable. The key to success is universal support and transparency. So far, I am delighted and confident that we can build up a strong and lasting relationship.

Arnaud Bidart

As a former school teacher, my personal motivation has always been to equip kids with skills for their future while enjoying the freedom of being my own boss. Algorithmics has been an excellent choice for me due to its combination of a quality product and effective pedagogy. The curriculum not only aligns with my educational values but also provides the necessary tools to make a meaningful impact on students' learning journeys. Choosing Algorithmics has empowered me to pursue my passion for teaching in a way that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Ingo Starink

Since 30 years I an an owner of a private music school and 20 years owner of a studio for audio and video production. Algorithmics is the perfect connection bewteen the creative musicschool and the technical studio. I chose Algorithmics because of a very smart ads with a really cool look and feel.








Our business has been recognized and received awards

Silver awward of Reimagine Education 2021 in the ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning and Support
Finalist of Reimagine Education 2021 in the Best Educational App
Algorithmics has won the international EdTech Breakthrough Award in the LRM Solution of the Year
Finalist of Digital Education Awards 2021 in the Digital STEAM Learning Product of the Year
Algorithmics has become finalists in 3 nominations of The Tech EdvocateAwards 2021! They are Best Lesson Planning App or Tool, Best Coding App or Tool and Best Global Ed Tech Company.
Algorithmics is one of five unique education franchises worth your investment according to Global Franchise Magazine
Algorithmics received an award at Bett MEA for Digital Skills project in April 2019
Algorithmics contributed to the success of the Hour of Code in 2019 by running a coding event.
In 2018, Algorithmics launched a Digital Skills project in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan

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