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Algorithmics at a glance
A programming school with its own online platform for children aged 5 to 17
We develop the most valuable skills of the 21st century: critical thinking, creativity, technological know-how, and programming. These are all skills that will be essential in the nearest future
Our goal is to prepare as many children around the world as possible for the present and the future
Who are we?
Why programming?
Why do we believe in this?
Our awards and recognition
Algorithmics is one of ten startups you need to follow in 2020 according to Forbes Russia
Algorithmics is one of five unique education franchises worth your investment according to Global Franchise Magazine
Algorithmics contributed to the succes of the Hour of Code in 2019 by running a coding event
Algorithmics received an award at Bett MEA for Digital Skills in April 2019
In 2018, Algorithmics launched a Digital Skills project in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan
One of the top 3 most successful app publishers in Europe has invested in Algorithmics
Our competitive advantages
Modest investments with high earning potential
Low entry barrier with fast payback and operational profitability
Strong team of programmers and methodologists
Unique methods, psychologists, teachers; continuous improvement of courses; translation of educational materials
Our own unique IT platform
One solution for students individual educational tracks, monitoring their progress and administration
Personal account manager and all materials included
Open a franchise with step-by-step instructions and assistance from a personal account manager
Teacher tutor support with selecting and training
Professional help with selecting and training the candidates; continuous development of teachers
Why start a programming school?
This is a great opportunity for you if
you want to open a business of your own that makes a difference
you believe in technology
you want to have a decent income
you want to be the first in this sought-after niche in your city
you want to change the future for the children in your community
you want to teach children the skills of the 21th century
What do we teach?
We teach programming and coding, develop logical and structural thinking. Our programs has been developed by the most skills methodologists.
Online platform for offline education with full LMS functionality
24-hour access to tasks as well as the possibility to create their own cartoons and computer games
Teacher and students monitoring, information about courses
Performance statistics, everything needed to plan and conduct classes
Age of students
Hours of lessons
Computer Science curriculum for public schools
Algorithmics developed and launched a digital skills course for Azerbaijani schools
students have participated since autumn 2019
Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Administration of the President of Azerbaijan
123 schools already participating
Major national project for public schools
Why start a programming school?
1. A step-by-step startup plan
Detailed instructions and templates for launching your programming school

Consultations with a personal manager and support at all stages: from opening the school to day-to-day functioning
2. Technology for marketing and sales
Scripts for working with customers. Set up your CRM and phone system and implement an effective sales funnel both online and offline

Visuals provided in a corporate style

Website and layout models for advertising materials
3. Personal account manager support
Operational support: consultations on finding a site, hiring teachers, and managing your team

Financial planning support regarding the price, teacher’s wages, and any other related issues
4. Teacher training
Testing and training of teachers

Webinars to answer questions as they arise during the actual teaching process
5. Continuous development of new courses
A team of methodologists is working to develop new courses as well as to update the existing ones, so that you can offer different options to parents
6. Language support
All of our educational materials, as well as the platform itself, are available in Russian, English, and Spanish

Translation support for other languages from our professional team of translators
We offer different franchise models
Single Location
Open one Algorithmics center
from 25 000 USD
(Total investment)
Local franchise
Operate in one region
(city, province, county)
from 45 000 USD
(Total investment)
Master franchise
Operate in the entire country and sell your own franchises
from 100 000 USD
(Total investment)
Launch steps
1. Introduction
• Book and attend a call with a Franchise Manager
• Study the presentation and prepare questions
2. Consultation
Participate in the market research:
– defining pricing policy
– teachers rates
– rent rates
  • Discuss opportunities and terms of partnership
  • Build and discuss the financial model
  • Meet the Business Mentor and Teacher Tutor
  • Agree to the terms of the contract
3. Conclusion of the contract
  • Make a decision to work with us
  • Attend an interview with the Chief Executive Officer
  • Sign the contract and make an initial payment
4. Preparation
  • Find a location and coordinate the lease
  • Set up an LMS and CRM systems (depending on a country)
  • Recruit and train the employees
  • Start marketing and advertising campaigns
5. Opening of the school
  • Make a School Inauguration event
  • Conduct the first introductory lessons
  • Form the groups and start Algorithmics classes
6. Support
  • Be in touch with a Business Mentor and Teacher Tutor
  • Have access to the Knowledge Base
  • Get marketing and sales support
  • Have a great success :)
Our franchisees love Algorithmics
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