The Algorithmics Method
Here you will learn how our courses develop creative and logical thinking, how we are building programming and maths classes and why our curriculum is so engaging.
At Algorithmics, we want to teach children all over the world skills that will help them in the future, no matter what profession they choose.
To achieve that, we at Algorithmics pay great attention to the development of both hard and soft skills. A strong technical background and skills of the 21st century, such as communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity, will give kids an advantage no matter who they grow up to be.
Andrey Lobanov
CEO and former manager at McKinsey & Company
We teach kids programming,
mathematics, and logical thinking
The fundamentals of
math and programming
A strong basic knowledge of algorithmic thinking helps our students solve difficult and uncommon tasks
In-demand programming languages and techniques
We teach Python (the most popular programming language) and how to work with libraries, use formulas, and more
We encourage the kids to participate in competitions
Our students engage in math battles, analytic riddles, games and training exercises, and rebuses and puzzles.
We teach the kids to feel confident with computers
They work with files and documents, use cloud storage and applications, develop websites, and create projects in graphic editors
We encourage the kids to be part of the IT world
We show our students different websites for coders where they can find IT help and resources, news from the field of programming, and information on competitions and internships
We teach the kids to continue learning
We give our students the opportunity to create their own dream projects by applying what they learn during the course
Algorithmics Franchises
Algorithmics began as a progranning school franchise. But in 2020 Algorithmics launch Mathematics school Franchise. So, you could become an Algorithmics partner of both mathematics and programming franchises or choose only one — you decide!
An engaging curriculum that makes children fall in love with the subject
Algorithmics teaches
21st century skills
We focus on the most important soft skills that will help kids succeed in the world
Critical thinking
The children search for the most effective solutions to problems, they run tests and evaluate the results.
The students learn to make pitches for their projects and give feedback to their peers.
The kids solve uncommon tasks and create projects from scratch, like websites and games.
Teamwork and projects are a part of every course curriculum.
Algorithmics uses a problem-based learning method in which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem found in trigger materials.
Algorithmics lessons structured in a way that the children do not get tired and stay motivated to learn
The teacher poses an open-ended problem
Independent coding/math practice
A break with physical activities
Independent coding/math practice
Reflection on the materials studied
Every Algorithmics course consists of 6-8 modules with around 5 lessons in each. In every module the kids create a project.
Algorithmics uses a problem-based learning method in which the students learn about the subject through the experience of solving an open-ended problem found in the trigger materials.
The 5 steps of developing an Algorithmics course
We analyze the most in-demand skills and our students’ results, conduct interviews with the kids and their parents, study best practises, and talk to child psychologists and experts.
Course development
We teach the kids the fundamentals of programming and mathematics through fun and engaging lessons.
Teachers’ toolkit
To ensure that our teachers are professionals, the methodologists prepare teacher requirements, materials for reflecting on and training, and teaching guidelines.
We test all the courses on our student focus group to make sure that the tasks are challenging but the kids are able to solve them.
Continuous improvement
We gather feedback from teachers, students, and parents, and we analyze our students’ results, so that we can offer the best educational product to our clients and partners.
80+ professional methodologists
The course development team possesses fundamental knowledge in this subject—they know what to teach. And they have a ton of experience working with children—they know how to teach. Only a combination of these two factors will lead to the creation of a strong curriculum for children in STEM education.
The Algorithmics platform makes studying more effective and fun
Gamified lessons are more interactive and fun for kids. For example, instead of solving plain tasks, the kids program a knight to save the princess or a MarsBot to get Mars ready for people to move there.
Project-based learning
The students create projects in every course: games, cartoons, or beautiful drawings. Projects help the students improve their critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills.
Lots of additional tasks with 24/7 access
The Algorithmics platform is great for self-paced learning, since every lesson includes extra tasks to solve and additional materials to study. And the 24/7 access to the platform means kids can do it even from home.
Cross-curricular learning
Our classes develop the kids' interest in other STEM fields—biology, physics, chemistry, and more.
Gamified and story-based lessons
The platform and methodology help to recruit teachers
Algorithmics provides clear teacher requirements (personal characteristics, selection criteria, and the technical and teaching experience needed). After applying, candidates take tests on the Algorithmics platform. Our teacher tutors look through each candidate’s portfolio and consult with the franchisee on whether to hire the teacher or not.
Algorithmics created a unique technology to train teachers
Every teacher goes through Algorithmics training where they study programming or mathematics to make sure they can answer any question the students have.

The teachers take pedagogical and communication lessons to learn the best teaching strategies and how to communicate clearly with parents.

We don’t just give teachers new information, we want them to understand Algorithmics’ values and approach. That’s why the teacher training materials are as colorful and well-thought out as the materials for the kids.

Our teacher tutors hold regular meetings with the teachers to answer various questions about the curriculum and approach to teaching children.
Teachers use Learning Management System to conduct the lessons
The teachers have access to teaching guidelines for every lesson which include a minute-by-minute lesson plan, objectives, tips, and advice on how to make the class challenging and entertaining for the kids. There is a ready-to-use presentation to show during the lesson, so the teacher does not need to spend extra time preparing and they can focus entirely on the kids’ needs. Webinars and training with 24/7 access are available to teachers throughout the year.
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