E-learning amidst COVID-19 with Algorithmics: fun, promising, family-friendly
COVID-19 has accelerated changes the education industry had already been undergoing for years before the pandemic, such as the transition to digital and remote customized learning. The coronavirus with its zoom lessons has made it more obvious than ever: to adapt to this changing environment and soundly prepare kids for future success, education must become interactive, globally connected, easily accessible, and consumer-centered.
Edtech started by offering MOOCs, free online courses developed by renowned institutions yet marked by low completion rates. Later, edtech startups developed supplementary tools for in-school learning.
After COVID-19, the edtech industry will increasingly shift from linear, instructor-dependent to a modular, ever more AI-driven teaching process.
Edtech firms, who in the past normally sold to institutions, will widely adopt the B2C selling model. In addition, as COVID has shown, we will likely witness a ‘flipped’ teaching situation, where parents introduce the kids to the material which is then tested by a professional instructor, not vice versa as in classical teaching. This urges parents to be solidly prepared in the subjects and able to teach effectively.
The Algorithmics online school offers an enjoyable way to study programming and math for children worldwide - the top skills needed on the 21st century job market. This model of e-learning is based on engagement, interactivity, and an individualized approach to every child. As opposed to a focus on cramming material to pass a final test.
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By now, the focus of edtech has shifted from in-school content to after-school and out-of-school.
This includes teaching subjects often neglected in a classic school curriculum, such as the arts, sports, or technology.
Today, an average school spends $70 to $250 per child annually on edtech software, while parents spend over $700 on the child’s educational needs, such as computers and gadgets, digital subscriptions, and software. A brand new approach to e-learning will help significantly cut educational expenses while ensuring the highest quality and fun along the way.
Algorithmics students learn coding and math by playing games and solving real-life issues devised by the start-up’s team.
As a result, the children progress faster and their parents have more free time and are happy about their children’s achievements.
Over 150,000 students and parents across 35 countries have already chosen Algorithmics to learn the most sought-after 21st century skills: analytical thinking, Python, Scratch, game design, and much more.

“When we first came here, we really liked the way [Algorithmics] does things because it is very warm and friendly,” shares Mrs. Vidhushi Vijayvergiya from India. “For teachers here it is not just a job, it is playing and learning along with kids.” Learn more about what parents from around the globe think about Algorithmics.
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