Opening an Algorithmics
school requires a fair investment and brings great rewards
to launch your school
successful partners across the globe
6 weeks
to earn your first profit
2 months
Local Franchise
Open 1 Algorithmics center
Regional Franchise
Open 2 and above Algorithmics centers
We offer different types of partnerships
We give you the support of a personal manager at every stage
Our managers will help you build a solid business strategy for launching your school, attracting customers, and optimizing your operational processes. They will also help you quickly resolve any emerging issues or tasks.
We translate everything
into your language
All our educational materials, as well as the platform itself are available in 6 languages, English and Spanish, among them. For other languages we offer translation support from our professional team of translators.
We provide marketing consultation

We will share our experience in conducting advertising campaigns, both online and offline. We will provide you with visuals done in the corporate style. We will make a website and give you layouts for models of advertising materials.
We help you sell
We will provide you with scripts for working with customers, set up your CRM and phone system, and implement an effective sales funnel. We will also be sure to send you instructions and standards for interaction with parents.
We train your teachers
You find teachers, and we test and train them to make the classes really educational and interesting for the children, which increases customer lifetime value.
We provide everything you will need to launch the school!
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