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As a involved parent, I have engaged myself in recognizing the potential that every growing kid has and the opportunities available to them. Coming from a finance background and varied corporate experience, I understand the importance of bringing in new technology and want to help in improving the digitization of education. Through Algorithmics, we wish to create a new generation of technology creators in India and get kids future-ready for the 21st century.

Until now, fine craftsmanship could only be felt on a product that could be touched. Digital literacy was perceived to be rocket-science-like knowledge. But now, kids in India can also learn and experience a finely crafted, world-class digital curriculum curated by the renowned folks at Algorithmics. A solid curriculum has always been at the core of a well-structured education.
and Namrata Parakh
Algorithmics, India
I have very positive feedback so far working with the Algorithmics company, methodology, and team. Despite the distance, I feel that there is a clear commitment from Algorithmics HQ to help and support franchisees in developing their local businesses. In the end, Algorithmics' success lies in how each franchisee takes off and becomes profitable. On the other hand, my success depends on the ability of Algorithmics to develop and deploy a reliable learning platform and outstanding methodology. The key to success is universal support and transparency. So far, I am delighted and confident that we can build up a strong and lasting relationship.
For me, I would say having support and guidance from your team helped us quickly get through the setting-up stage. While the list of to-dos may seem a lot, if you have the right team members, you can accomplish anything. Right now we are working hard to expand Algorithmics
Ta Khmau. We managed to get through almost everything. Thank you for your support.
What did I like. Although I've never met the business mentor in person and we've been working remotely, I constantly felt the care and attention - this is the first thing.

The second one is the professional approach to business. There was always a feeling that there is knowledge behind my back and if something happens, we will find a solution with my business mentor.
My opinion was always heard too.
Polite communication and mutual respect.
The LMS system itself is 8 out of 10 in my opinion. There is room for improvement, but overall ok. The course is liked by children and parents, it is very good and I am very happy about it!

The problem they helped solve was customer acquisition. When the Growth Lab agency got involved, everything went better. My assessment in organizing the translation of the course into Lithuanian and the translation assistance itself - 10+ points!

For the first few days, there was a delay for some reason, and then everything went like clockwork. They responded quickly and corrected errors in minutes. This I appreciate.
Thanks, Algorithmics! I have big plans. We are actively preparing for the new academic season and have already started translating the next course!
I started launching Algorithmics Shkoder on January 2022, and the first groups started lessons at the end of March 2022. So we have just concluded the first trimester of the Algorithmics School experience here in Shkodra. Since the end of March, we have welcomed in Algorithmics Shkoder Platform 138 kids, and we just started July with 50 active kids which are following different courses.

A very good KPI to start July, taking in consideration that we are during the summer and holiday peak ;) The LMS platform of Algorithmics is great. Teachers feel really comfortable with the platform, and Kids love to learn on it. The game format integrated there is great.

On the other side I enjoy very much the CRM platform and it is really easy, every step is trackable and helpful. Opening Algorithmics School has been definitively a new experience, a new mentality in doing and building business.

A lot of issues and challenges I passed through and for sure I have to pass also in the future, but I like it very much. It doesn’t matter how much difficult it can be. I want to grow Algorithmics Shkoder and make it a stunning possibility for all the kids here in Shkodra, and I hope soon around Albania.
Ivan Aramayo
Savoeun Moen
Kęstutis Pilipuitis
Helga Sallaku
Algorithmics, Spain
Ta Khmau, Cambodia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Shkoder, Albania
We began introducing Algorithmics to Israeli children last year, and the results have fully met our expectations. The children are interested in learning and are very pleased with the results. When a nine-year-old child proudly shows their parents the game they created after a couple of months of classes, this inspires not only the child but also their parents and the teacher. Gamification and the well-designed methodology contribute to the rapid assimilation of the material and make the learning process exciting and easy. Support from the platform developers enables you to quickly resolve any issues that arise during the course. Excellent reviews and a low dropout rate during the courses instill confidence in the outcome of the project. Feeling like you are a part of this project is outstanding!
Sasha Gorelik
Algorithmics, Israel
Algorithmics has been very professional and business oriented. The company has always provided us with timely and expert support. Our clients genuinely like the project; they consider it crucial that there is this kind of initiative that teaches children programming.

The products we have (two courses) are outstanding; our customers enjoy them a lot. The methodology and the educational platform are of excellent quality. We have also had excellent support from Algorithmics.

The methodology is perfect for teaching children to code. The only drawback we have is forming groups of a certain age, day, and time to have classes. We will surely be able to overcome this when we prepare better and explain to customers why their children should learn to code for their kids.
Stalin López
Algorithmics, Ecuador
Education is a significant part of our life philosophy, and this has been our path, that, at this moment, has led us to bring into the emerging market of Romania a highly educational product, Algorithmics.

We have mainly chosen coding because it's a very challenging environment, always changing at a fast pace, permanently on the move, requiring specialized skills (to name a few, intelligence, curiosity, communication skills, open-mindedness, desire to improve and continuously become a better version of yourself, a think ahead approach) and involving complex and fascinating people. We want to be actors on this exciting stage.

Last but not least, allow us to bring also to bring a personal note to this discussion: we are all parents and want to offer our children the best! We feel that this is THE trend of the future, perhaps of the present, and we want our children to be prepared for that and be part of the global IT community.

Our goal is to build a network of Algorithmics schools all over Romania so that children from every Romanian region can have access to better education and a better future!

Also, we have the desire to bring a high quality product to the market, an already creative, highly competitive and very professional product, continually improving and keeping pace with the fast-changing global technology, a product that could clearly MAKE A DIFFERENCE! And we firmly believe we will be able to make a difference with ALGORITHMICS!
Raluca Amuraritei, Oana Diaconescu,
Marius Amuraritei, Vlad Diaconescu
Algorithmics, Romania
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