Why is math the main skill of the 21st century?
And why do parents around the world dream of making their children fall in love with this subject? Algorithmics is here to help with this
Without math, the entrance to the world of technology is closed
The 21st century is a time of rapid development of intelligent technologies, big data, and neural networks. And the most in-demand modern professions, not to mention the professions of the future, the emergence of which will soon be predicted by the Atlas of Emerging Jobs, are in one way or another related to IT and math.

Math helps in everyday life and affects a person’s psychological health
Math is the best helper in the fight against procrastination. We usually postpone something until the next day or put it off forever if the task scares us in its scale. A mathematician wouldn’t experience such an issue: they would assess what information they needed to solve the problem, break it down into successive stages, and set clear deadlines.
And math also relieves anxiety and prevents stress: this can be explained by the fact that people with developed mathematical thinking skills are not inclined to perceive any life problems as unsolvable.

Why do parents choose Algorithmics?
The educational course of mathematics for children created by the methodologists of the Algorithmics School of Programming and Mathematics is a fascinating gamified program that allows you to not only improve your child's performance at school, but also to make them fall in love with the subject forever. There are no grades, tests, or homework assignments, and the emphasis is not on solving typical problems, but on developing logical, algorithmic, and spatial thinking.

Mathematical thinking determines the success of any business
Mathematical thinking is not about the ability to quickly make calculations in your head or knowing certain rules, it’s about the ability to think abstractly, logically, and critically, to distinguish conspiracy theories from a set of facts, to analyze complex life situations and business cases and find patterns.
Therefore, developed mathematical thinking is a useful skill not only for specialists employed in engineering or IT fields, but also for workers of other disciplines — from medicine and psychology to creative professions.

Inspired by the idea of helping the children of your area/city/country prepare for the challenges of the 21st century?
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