Algorithmics: innovative teaching for kids’ success
An effective learning process is the product of teacher-student cooperation. COVID-19 has demonstrated several upcoming changes in the education industry
The coronavirus with its zoom lessons has made it more obvious than ever: to adapt to this changing environment and soundly prepare kids for future success, education must become interactive, globally connected, easily accessible, and consumer-centered.
Edtech started by offering MOOCs, free online courses developed by renowned institutions yet marked by low completion rates. Later, edtech startups developed supplementary tools for in-school learning.

First, the teaching of the future will be flexible, customized to the student’s individual needs, and globally interconnected. Instructors from around the world will form online communities where they can exchange best practices and study materials.

Second, teachers will become educational agents who will sell their core skills and competencies on online marketplaces – and therefore will no longer be constrained by geographical boundaries.

Third, thanks to advances in technology, parents will be able to choose the best instructors for their children in a particular field, kids will enjoy high-quality education in the subjects both interesting to them and relevant for their future careers, and teachers will be free, independent professionals regardless of their geographical location.

At Algorithmics, the learning environment is in every way conducive to mastering programming and mathematical skills starting as early as from the age of 6
Gamification of learning is a trend Algorithmics happily embraces: it is a fun and engaging way for children aged 8-12 to take their first steps in coding. Students can study at a comfortable pace and track their own progress as all the materials are available online 24/7. Students can share their projects with peers and publish them on social media. The feeling of creating something unique motivates students for further achievement.

Guided by a team of professionals, when they graduate from school at 17, Algorithmics students are fully prepared for programming competitions and internships in the IT industry.
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