Recruiting and training teachers
For all courses at the Algorithmics international school of programming and mathematics
Franchisees can easily and quickly recruit and train new teachers because Algorithmics has prepared everything needed for that.
How does Algorithmics support franchisees
during teacher recruiting and training?
Provides the support of a teacher tutor
Our tutors are experienced and help franchisees make final decisions about hiring teachers. The tutors also advise the teachers about how to lead the courses and subsequently provide professional and psychological support.
Gives access to an online platform with tests
Algorithmics is a high-tech company. We developed a platform that helps the franchisee test the teacher’s initial skills and conduct subsequent training for all of Algorithmics' educational courses. And all of this is online!
Regularly conducts seminars for teachers
The teachers' journey in the company does not end after they are hired. Throughout the school year, the teachers work on two areas: developing and assessing the quality of their work.
Shares guides for hiring
The franchisees receive all the forms they need for working with teachers: an example of a job vacancy, job descriptions, and emails to candidates.
Who is involved in the process?
The people involved and their responsibilities in the process of staff recruiting and training
Conducts final assessments
Leads consultations and training sessions
Provides support during the year
Responds to the job vacancy
Passes all the recruitment stages
Takes Algorithmics training courses
Posts job vacancies
Conducts initial assessment of candidates
Hires staff
Step 1. Recruiting
takes 1 week on average
1. Job vacancy posting
Franchisees add information about the teaching position at Algorithmics on a local head hunter site.
2. Candidate selection
Franchisees analyze the resumes of candidates who have responded to the vacancy and decide who to pass through to the next stage of selection.
3. Online testing
Candidate takes an online test to confirm they have the basic knowledge and skills required for the position.
6. The teacher is hired and begins training!
5. Tutor support
Franchisees send successful candidates' resumes, test results, and videos to the tutor to help with the decision of whether to hire or not.
4. Introductory lesson
Successful candidates record 15-minute role play videos showing a mock trial lesson without students.
Step 2. Training
takes 2 weeks on average
Module 1
- The teacher learns about Algorithmics and the company’s principles;

- Studies the methodological materials on the online platform, watches video tutorials, and reads articles on conducting the introductory lesson;

- Meets online with a tutor to discuss what they have read, consolidate the material, and get answers to their questions before conducting an introductory lesson;

- Does a few introductory lessons for groups with children and their parents who want to see the product before enrolling in a course.

Step 2. Training
takes 2 weeks on average
Module 2
- The teacher studies the general teaching information;

- Learns information about a specific Algorithmics course (or multiple courses if the teacher is going to conduct more than 1 course);

- Practices working with the platform;

- Has an online meeting with a tutor that is assessed and to prepare to communicate with parents and children.
Step 2. Training
takes 2 weeks on average
The teacher receives an Algorithmics certificate and can now begin teaching.
Profile of an ideal teacher
Teacher info
Personal characteristics
Working with children
Candidate selection criteria
Technical background
60% of our teachers are students or graduates with technical majors. No more than 15% are teachers.
Hobby/side job
80% of our teachers know at least 1 programming language (most often it’s C++, Python, or Pascal).
Knows programming
Teaching is not their main profession, although 30% teach in schools/vocational schools.
for programming school
01. Emotional stability
02. Creative thinking
03. Organizational skills
Ability to manage a team
05. Communicative
06. Capacity for empathy
07. Highly organized personally
08. Ability to plan
09. Conflict managment skills
Experience working with children is mandatory for all candidates, no exceptions
For the courses with young kids (5-7 year old) work experience is critically important; for 14-17-year-olds it is not critical
Teaching background is an advantage
Candidates should have experience tutoring, coaching, counseling, and/or teaching in a group
Meet your teacher tutor
who is responsible for selecting and training teachers
Continuous development
The teacher’s journey at the company does not end after they are hired. Throughout the school year, the teachers work on two areas: developing and assessing the quality of their work
Professional Development
The professional and personal development of our teachers is very important to us. Training and gaining useful knowledge and honing skills improves employee motivation and helps prolong their time at the company. Not to mention the fact that applying these acquired skills in practice will increase the quality of the educational process and make Algorithmics classes even more exciting and effective! That is why we have developed a schedule of educational events for the new academic year and for international franchises, which includes various online events.
Throughout the year, we collect data on our teachers, and at the end of the school year, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of each teacher using at least four factors to further define the conditions for cooperation and draw up individual development plans. Following that, a discussion is held with each teacher based on their assessment results.
Meet Algorithmics teachers
Learn what our teachers think about the onboarding, methodology, interaction with kids and more
Can franchisees also do the training for teachers?
Of course, just tell your tutor that you would like to do that.
How does the selection process for a candidate for multiple courses work?
Their CV must meet the selection criteria for all the courses that they are going to teach. They need to do one video, testing for all the courses that they will teach, and also record a TIL for one course.
What if there is a cultural particularity in my country that would make it difficult for me to follow the selection and training process exactly in this form? What can I do?
We understand that countries and cultures do differ in some ways and we are willing to adapt the process to your needs, without compromising the quality of the selection and training processes.
Is there a limited number of teachers I can train?
No. You can train all teachers that pass the selection process.
If a candidate is going to do two courses, will the training last four weeks?
No, it's still about two weeks, just like for one course. They will only need to do the subject part of the second unit of training for the second course (+2 hours of training in addition to the first course).
How many teachers should I train in the beginning?
We recommend starting with 2-3 teachers.
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