Algorithmics Franchise Road Trip
Find out how to open your own school in six weeks and then successfully grow into a top partner
Algorithmics Franchise Road Trip
Find out how to open your own school in six weeks and then successfully grow into a top partner
1st week
Acquaintance and contract
Choose a convenient date and time for an online meeting with a personal manager. We're certain that a one-to-one Zoom meeting is a great way to get acquainted with the potential of a franchise, allowing you to immediately make a decision about when to launch.
Leave a request to launch your programming school
The documents will be sent to your email and to the WhatsApp chat after confirming the recording on Zoom.
Study the franchise kit
At the meeting with the manager, you will get answers to your questions, choose the location and scale of your launch, and calculate the investment. Sometimes we hold 2–3 Zoom meetings to prepare for your launch in as much detail as possible.
Discuss the details
Sign a franchise agreement and pay a lump-sum fee. The amount depends on the region and the size of the territory, and is about $5,000.
Pass the approval of your candidacy
2nd–6th weeks
Opening of your school
You launch online, so during the first year you will need a reduced package of tools: LMS, IP telephony, CRM, a ready-made website and pages on social networks, as well as access to our educational platform.
Connect up your IT infrastructure
Work with students begins immediately after the team's certification. In the first month, we will launch a free Facebook advertising campaign for you to assemble your first teaching group (8+ people). To do this, we allocate $1,000 for each new partner. Our formula for success is effective and works fast!
Attract customers
Hire teachers and sales managers. We will test them for free, train them to work with our tools and certify them, as well as help you develop a motivation system. Important: We recommend assembling a full-time team. This guarantees involvement in the processes and a high-quality result.
Assemble a team
For franchise owners, we provide in-depth training in sales, personnel management, marketing, working with our tools and platforms, and Algorithmics standards and principles. The result is that you will be able to effectively manage your business, even if you had no experience to begin with. The cost of the three-day training is included in the lump-sum fee.
Pass through the Algorithmics business accelerator
You will be assigned a personal business mentor - an experienced business startup expert. Over the next 4 weeks, you will learn how to work with Algorithmics products and tools. Between weeks 4 and 8, you will already recruit your first groups of students, launch your school and achieve your planned launch performance.
Welcome to the Algorithmics Launch Department!
In week 4, you will triumphantly open your school and begin teaching your first groups. You will then have about a month to learn how to maintain a high level of growth on your own and move on to the next stage.
Open your school and fulfil your plan
To quickly put together a group of students, you can conduct a free IL. At the same time, you will check how all the features of your new business mechanism work. Now you're ready to launch!
Conduct an introductory lesson
starting from 6th week
Development and growth
In the second year of work, you will rent and equip your premises according to our standards, purchase equipment, and strengthen the advertising for your school. From now on, you will be able to teach students online and offline. This means that the number of your students will double.
Start working offline
We regularly hold seminars and webinars, share knowledge, and provide market analytics. You will get acquainted with the most successful partners and exchange experiences, and will also be able to present your own case studies. General meetings are very useful, and always fun!
Study and meet with colleagues
When you define the main goals and objectives, we will help you to establish a management system within your school. At this stage, many of our partners transfer operational tasks to a specialist, continuing to engage in business development. We will help you find a manager, train them, and work with them to achieve the best results for you.
Manage the team
Our task is to grow quickly together. From week 8, you will invest in the recognition of your school, just as we invest in brand awareness overall. You will receive a huge set of effective marketing materials for self-promotion: from Facebook banners to interior elements. You can also use the services of our Growth Lab, which will take on responsibility for all your advertising campaigns. Working with experts is the key to properly invested budgets and the achievement of the best result.
Expand your marketing
Transition to the development stage
Hurray! By weeks 6-8, you will have learned everything, and can confidently move forwards on your own. Your school will have already grown to 30 students or more. Now you will work with the business tracker of our development department. The business tracker is a controller and driver for the growth of your business. It will monitor your business alongside you, check the quality of each element and help you achieve your desired financial results.
You're in the top 10 best Algorithmics schools!
We hope to see each of our partners in the annual ranking of the top 10 newcomers. Follow our proven business model, listen to the advice of your business mentor, and develop with us.
Today there are 450 of us,
tomorrow — 800
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